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We heard you had it rough
Product Owners
Your struggles,
our expertise.
From Building Teams
To Delivering Product Delight
From Product Market Fit
to Distributed Systems
From Re-Platforming
to Re-Branding

What Seems to Be the Problem?

The Product Entrepreneurship Stack, daunting in its mastery, exacting in its delivery.
It might have burned, bitten or otherwise shown you the cold shoulder.
You need the Angels of Equity, You Need StartupLandia, A Tech Dream Team.

We the People of Startuplandia

Serve Tech Founders in their pursuit of entrepreneurial success
Possess a track record of financially and founder friendly support
Focus on the creationary phase of software and team development
Come from 10+ countries representing a diversity of thought and startup culture
Fast, Cheap AND Good -> Our unique culture unlocks contractor nirvana...
  • Fast with Leveraged Senior Talent - Every team member has 8+ years early stage developer or designer experience, we have one speed, fast partly because you demand fast and partly because fast is fun!
  • Time Efficient - We capture maximum developer productivity between 80-110 hours/month, measured quarterly, that results in 45% less billed hours. (based on more typical 40hr week, 160 monthly)
  • Skin In the Game - We want to be paid 20% equity and 80% cash, we bind our future to your success, our average founder relationship lasts 5+ years
  • Cheap-ish - consider the low end on UpWork $20-60/hourly, the high end FAANG Dev/Designer $400k+ yearly or ThoughtBot $7k weekly for 4 days (wtf?) - we offer rates in the $80-120/hr zone - combined with our commitment to 110 monthly hours - with StartupLandia you will save serious coin
  • Always on - From 7am to 6pm pst, we have team members avail to work on general features, triage bugs or run design sprints, you never ask "what time zone" cause we have you covered
  • Lingua Franca is English - Even though our team comes from 'round the globe, we speak excellent English, we don't need perfect kanban tickets, we'll ask questions, iterate and make sure we understand your product's delight
  • Good - well, read our reviews below, product owners, founders, stakeholders generally love us, many of our projects have gone on to serious successes, all our server code gets well tested, all our design assets come packaged in a design system using figma (it's easy right...?)

Our track record includes...

Fractional CTO Support
“Startuplandia has been with us since day one, in the trenches, keeping the burn rate low and output high, they are jet fuel."
Tom Ruginis, Founder, Happilabs, YC S18
Web & Mobile MVP Builds 
“Helped us clarify our vision, with a creative spark brought our ideas to life.”
M. Andreoli MD, B. Sacher MD, Founders, TeamedUp
UX, Branding and Design
“You all have produced beautiful work in a timely manner.”
Lindsay Guzowski, Founder, TheCrucible
Technical Recruiting 
“Startuplandia were a Godsend.”
Vince Cortese, Founder, Able
PM Training 
“One of the best things for me has been the subtle or not so subtle coaching throughout the process.”
Cori Audey, VP Strategy, Falcon Partners
Fundraising & Advisement 
“Introduced us to multiple investors, helped us refine our product offering, maximally useful.”
Andrei Soroker, Founder, Fogbender, YC W22
Crypto & Ai Development 
“Yet to be seen, the future is.”
Cloud Infrastructure 
“Not All Routines Are Stateless.”
Confucious to AWS
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